Workshops Diversity

Advice and coaching: Diversity management for teams/ organizations
We would like to advise and support organizations that want to use the power of diversity more. As a leader you think that diversity has added value for your organization and you want to give substance to this by attracting, developing and optimally deploying a diversity of talents. You want to apply the appropriate leadership style where each person feels rewarded – an inclusive leadership style.

Approach to Diversity Management
Depending on your goal, I work with experts in my network to support you around diversity issues. The first step is to understand your needs, which forms the basis for a proposal for a follow-up process.
Possible solutions may be that we offer support in the form of advice, workshops and / or individual coaching programs.


Examples questions of diversity management for organization/team

– What does diversity management mean for my organization?
– How can a quality focussed organization create a creative space in which you can make optimal use of existing diversity?
– How can you motivate people from various backgrounds to join your organization and how do you ensure that they commit to you?
– What does diversity mean for our leadership style?
– What does diversity mean for a team in the context of effective collaboration and communication with respect for everyone’s background   and culture?
– How can you better serve the various customer groups through a diverse personnel policy?