My Vision as coach


Leadership: There are many definitions of leadership. Leadership means different things in different situations, depending on who you speak with or the literature you refer to. Leadership could be seen as:
1. Leading yourself (self-leadership or personal leadership) 
2. Leading others (leading a team or organization)

My working definitions

Ad 1: Leading yourself or self-leadership is taking responsibility for self-development and for own future and who you want to be. This by defining how that future will look like, taking actions accordingly, continuously learning and relearning.

Ad 2: Leading others. A leader is someone who can influence, inspire and get things done. The influence of leaders is based on the authentic way they show up (the Being leader) and act (the Doing leader), and is respected by others. 

Effective leaders are also purposeful; they know their mission, who they are, what their strengths and challenges are, what inspires them, appreciate diversity and see this as an added value for organizations. Related to this, an effective leader is also someone who creates an inspiring vision of the future, motivates others to engage with this vision, builds and coaches teams to deliver the results accordingly: Leadership development

Executive. According to dictionary and own experience there are different level of interpretation of executives depending on the organization. An executive can be someone in a leadership role, in a C suite position, a VP role, a director role, a minister, a specialist etc.
In my coaching practice I work in this broad range: Executive coaching

Leadership & Diversity Management. Our society and the labour market have become richer due to the greater diversity in cultures. More and more organizations see this diversity as an added value for organizations in realizing their business results, because of the different ways of thinking, approaches.
Effective leaders appreciate the power of diversity and see this as an added value for organizations and attract, develop and optimally make use of their diverse talents: Diversity Management