Coaching Process/ Individual


My Coaching definition: Coaching is for me a partnership in which I work in a one to one relationship with you as client on an agreed-upon goal. We do this in an interactive process where I challenge and encourage you to take responsibility, to come up with own solutions, for your challenges and be accountable for the follow up, resulting in professional and personal growth by learning or relearning. Therefore I create a safe and trusted environment where clients can open up and be aware of what needs to happen.

My Focus group: Leaders, politicians, directors and professionals (such as family doctors, medical specialists, accountants and lawyers) in profit and nonprofit organizations.
– Pro bono coaching especially for highly educated immigrants who have work related issues.

My Coaching focus: Behavioural change which leads to personal growth in work and private life and performance improvement.
Coaching Programs: Because each person is unique, each coaching process is tailor-made to suit each specific situation. Different situations calls for a unique approach. Assessment instruments can also be part of the coaching process or interviews held with stakeholders and/or sponsors in order to get more input or to define how success will look. From my experience and background I can work with you on goals in the field of
leadership development and executive coaching.